Andhra Pradesh (South India State)

  • Andhra Pradesh is the first State in India to be formed purely on linguistic basis. Andhra Pradesh India ToursIt is also the fifth largest State in the country both in terms of area and population. Geographically, Andhra Pradesh can be divided into three distinct regions- the coastal region known as Andhra, the interior region consisting of four districts of Rayalseema and the Telangana region comprising of old Hyderabad and the adjoining districts. The pleasant climate of Andhra Pradesh makes it a most popular state in India worth visiting at any time of the year.

  • Andhra Pradesh has a culture that is the outcome of inter-mixing of several strains of the past. The Andhras are ancient people and their antiquity is lost in the mists of mystery. In the ancient epics, like Ramayana, Bhagavata and Mahabharata, there is mention of the Andhras.

    However, the recorded history of the Andhra people dates back to the Mauryan period. Andhra Pradesh India ToursAfter the death of Emperor Ashoka, Satavahana, a resourceful chieftain, established a small independent kingdom in this region. This dynasty line ruled for nearly 450 years. Successive dynasties- the Ikshvakus, Pallavas, Chalukyas, Kakatiyas, Vijaynagara kings, Qutub Shais, Mughals and Asaf Jahis have added to the State's rich history and culture with beautiful temples, monuments, mosques and a heritage in arts, crafts and dance.

  • The language of the State is Telugu- a term that seems to have been derived from the word "Triling", meaning the three symbols of Lord Shiva. The region that spreads amidst the three famous Shivaite shrines at Kalahasti, Srishailam and Draksharamam were called as Trilinga in the ancient days.

    Andhra Pradesh is blessed with beautiful country side, watered by the great rivers Krishna, Godavari and Pennar, besides other thirty one small rivers. The State commands a vast coastline of nearly 1000 kms. It is replete with many temples of various deities and a story of the temples and legends of Andhra as part of the temples and legends of India has an immeasurable value to every devout Hindu.

    For the serious students of history, archaeologists, anthropologists, pilgrims, as well as pleasure seekers, Andhra Pradesh offers innumerable places of great interest. Precious ancient ruins have been unearthed at places like Nagarjunakonda and Yeleshwaram bringing thoughts of great civilization that ruled the land thousands of years ago. Ancient temples, revealing marvels of sculpture can prove absorbing to the visitors.

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