Shrinagar ( Kashmir , North India )

Amidst the lake and beautiful gardensis located the summer capital city- Srinagar. On the one hand, not far from here, is situated the holy Shivlinga, at the sacred place of almighty Amarnath that is revered by the followers of Hinduism and pilgrims and on the other hand the HazratbalDargah of Prophet Hazrat Mohamed, a holy place for Muslims, is also located here.

  • Dal Lake

    Dal Lake is the beauty queen of Kashmir. It is one of the most marvellous place in the world. Well- equipped floating 'Shikara' boats enhance its beauty and also attract the tourists. South of the Dal Lake is Shankracharya Temple, to the east is Hari Parbat, to the north is Mughul Garden and to the west is HazratbalDargah. Houseboats are also available for the tourists. Another attraction of this lake is Nehru Park and the floating gardens on which crops are grown.

  • Hazratbal Dargahis

    Hazratbal Dargahis situated on the west bank of the famous Dal Lake and is in front of NishatBagh. HazratbalDargah is important due to the fact that one holy hair of Prophet Mohammed Saheb has been preserved here.

  • Shah Hamdan

    Shah Hamdan Masjid issituated on the bank of river Jhelum and is the oldest mosque of the town. The paper- machie work on its wall is worth seeing.

  • Shankaracharya Temple

    Shankaracharya Temple is situated at a height of 1000 feet above the town on Takhat-e-Suleman Mountain. Emperor Ashoka's son Jaluka laid the foundation of this temple in 200 BC.An unknown Hindu devotee built its inner part during the reign of Jahangir. The whole PirPanjal mountain range and every part of the town can be viewed from this temple.

  • Hari Parbat Fortis

    Hari Parbat Fortis situated in the northeast of Srinagar on the Sharika Mountain. It was built by Ata Mohamed Khan in 18th century. There are almond orchids on all the four sides of the fort. It attracts everyone when the trees begin to bear flowers in spring season.

  • Pari Mahalwas

    Pari Mahalwas : once a Buddhist monastery. DaraShikoh, the son of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, converted it into a school of astrology.

  • Nagina Lake

    Nagina Lake is famous for its beauty and looks like a diamond embedded in a ring. It is called nagina because of its blue water and being surrounded by trees, which resembles a ring. Facilities for water skiing and swimming are available here. This is a part of Dal Lake. There are many beautiful gardens like Shalimar, NishatBagh and Charchinar.There are many beautiful places around Srinagar and a journey to Kashmir valley is not complete without a visit to them.

  • Nagina Lake

    Gulmargis a hillstation famous all over the world. It is also called the valley of flowers. Skiing, trekking, golf etc. can be enjoyed here. State and National level winter games are often played here.

  • Khilenmargis

    Khilenmargis : a place surrounded by beautiful scenes and snow covered mountains. One can reach there from Gulmarg with the help of ropeway, horses,mule or on foot.

  • Pahalgamis

    Pahalgamis an extremely beautiful tourist spot. It is on the bank of the river Lidder and is the base camp for the river Lidder and is the base camp for the annual pilgrimage to Amarnath.

  • There are lots of worth- seeing places on the way to Pahalgam.

    Avantipurhas some famous ruins of temples established in 855, 886 AD during the reign of Raja Avanti Verma.

  • Pahalgamis

    There are lots of worth- seeing places on the way to Pahalgam. Avantipurhas some famous ruins of temples established in 855, 886 AD during the reign of Raja Avanti Verma.

  • Anantnag Temple

    Anantnag Temple Before going to Amarnath, thousands of pilgrims take a holy bath in the lake here and have a darshan of Anantnag temple and watch its fascinating scenes. Near the temple is a Sikh Gurudwara.

  • Achabalcan

    Achabalcan be reached through Anantnag. There is a Mughal garden famous for its beauty.

  • Kokarnag

    Kokarnag is 26km from Anantnag in the south- east and situated at a height of 2020m above sea level.

  • Daakumis

    Daakumis a fabulous place located at a distance of 15km from Kokarnag.

  • Mattanis

    Mattanis considered to be a holy place of Hindus. There is a Shiva temple and a beautiful spring. It is located at 8km walking distance from Achabal.

  • Martand

    Martand is situated on a plateau at a distance of3 kms from Mattan. It has some historic ruins, which are known by the name of Sun Temple. It was built in 7th and 8th century.

  • Sonmarg

    Sonmarg situated to the northeast of Srinagar and on the Leh road, abounds in natural beauty.

    CnarareShareef,on the way to Yusmarg, is the dargah of the famous Sufi Saint of Kashmir Sheikh Noorudinm who is also known as Nand Rishi.

  • Yusmarg

    Yusmarg situated to the southwest of Srinagar, is a marvellous picnic spot. Near this is Neelanag Lake, a worth- seeing place.

  • Aharbal

    Aharbal is famous for the waterfalls where water falls down from a height of 240 meters.

  • Verinag

    Verinag has few gardens, which are the oldest gardens of Mughal period. Here the waterfall is the source of Jhelum river. Temple of Lord Shiva is situated near.

  • Wular Lake

    Wular Lake is the Asia's biggest fresh and clean water lake with dimensions of 19 km legnth and 10 km width. Boating can be done here. Through conducted tourPatan, ManasbalLake, KshirBhawani, Gandharbal, Gangabal etc can be visited.

    Srinagar and nearby places like Harwan, GagrivL Park, Chashma-Shahi, Rani Chandak Mahal, hill resort 'Kud', Surinsar lake etcare also worth visiting places.

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