Kollam ( Kerala , South India)

  • Kollam, a district and tourist destination of Kerala, is 66 kms away from Thiruananthapuram. Situated at the junction of the Ashtamudi or eight armed lake, Kollam, originally known as Quilon, is the gateway to the magnificent backwaters of Kerala. It is full of scenic beauty and hoary history, mythology, faith and religion that can enamor any visitor. It was an ancient part that received ships from round the world. Enchanting back-water cruises can be arranged from here. The light house, ancient churches, a fresh water lake and some Hindu shrines are the interesting places of visit in this area. The journey through backwaters provides insight into the lives of people of Kerala. Kollam is replete with history. It was once the capital of the powerful kingdom called Venad.

    There are many places of touristic interest in and around Kollam, Kerala.

  • Tanganeri: Tanganeri is situated 5 kms from Kollam. Popularly known as Tangy, Tanganeri was an erstwhile trading outpost of the Portuguese, Europeans, Arabs, Chinese and Jews. The remains of Fort Thomas and the Dutch and Portuguese cemeteries are worth visiting. The most distinctive feature of the place is the light house built in 1519. It is said that one of the oldest printing press also is available at the Catholic San Salvador Seminary.

    Munroe Island Village: Munroe Island village, about 15 kms away from Kollam, is a quaint little place tucked away on the backwaters of Kollam. All around are cashew nut factories. The typical country craft journey is wonderful, criss-crossing intricate canals, green land and peering with the simple life of the villagers who live along the waterways. It is said that the children here learn swimming before they walk. The back waters open into a maze of narrow canals.

    Palruvi Water Falls: Palruvi Water Falls are 20 kms away from Kollam. This spectacular water fall is located in the foot hills of Satya mountains, in the eastern border of Kollam. The word Palruvi means Milky Stream in Malayalam, the language of Kerala. It looks like a grand flow of milk as the stream tumbles down from a height of 100 metres. The dense forest environs of Arinkavu is an enchanting picnic spot. Buses operate to this place from Kollam.

    Thirumullavaram, surrounded by the waters of the Arabian sea, has natural beauty with a secluded beach.

    Kollam abounds in temples and festivals. Sasthamcotta, Ariankavu and Kulathupuzha all renowned for this Sastha temples and Maryland has nine temples. The Parabrahman temple at Ochira is steeped in mythological lore.

  • How to reach Kollam

    Kollam is an important railhead and has an excellent road net work link with major towns and cities of Kerala. Ferry station is adjacent to the bus stand and connects to many interior places. Kollam has very good lodges and rest houses to suit all types of tourists. Taxis and auto-rickshaws are also available for local transport.

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