Gwalior ( Madhya Pradesh)

History of Gwalior initiated in 8th century. Impressions of Pratihar, Kachhawaha and Tomar Rajput dynasties can easily be seen in various palaces, forts, trusts and monuments built by these rulers. During Freedom Struggle of 1857, Gwalior had its principal role under the leadership of Rani of Jhansi LaxmiBai and Tatya Tope. 18000 soldiers took arms against British rulers. In the end, the British captured Gwalior Fort after a fierce battle. Without viewing Scindia Palace and tombs of Tansen and Gaus Mohammed, visit of Gwalior will remain incomplete.

  • Gwalior Fort

    Gwalior Fort built in sandstone standing on straight rocks, is a unique glorious seat in the entire city. It remained as testimony to first Freedom Struggle of India in 1857, hard fought battles and Johars. This Fort, surrounded by 5 kms long and 35 feet high boundary wall, is having two entry gates - in southwest and northeast.

  • Gujari Palace

    Gujari Palace is located in courtyard of the fort. It was built by Tomar ruler Man Singh for his Gujar queen Mrignayani. Articles of historical importance, pertaining to 1rst century BC to 15th century AD can be seen in the museum inside the palace.

  • Man Mandir Palace

    Man Mandir Palace was built by Raja Man Singh between 1486 -1517. In its mammoth hall, music classes used to be held. Nearby is "Johar Tal", where queens performed Johar (being Sati) in accordance with the Rajput tradition. Here, every day in the evening, Sound and Light Show is arranged to abreast the visitors of the glorious past. Suraj Kund was constructed in the Fort in 15th century.

  • Teli Temple

    Teli Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu in 9th century is 100 feet high.

  • Sas Bahu Temple

    Sas Bahu Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and was built in 11th century.

  • Jay Vilas Palace

    Jay Vilas Palace and Museum is residence place of Royal Scindia family. Its 35 rooms have been converted into JiyadiRao Scindia Museum. These rooms are so magnificent and full of luxurious life style that visitors get mesmerized. The architecture of Jay Vilas Palace is inspired by Italian architectural niceties. In its bewitching court hall, two chandelier lights have been fitted whose weight runs into many tons. The golden carving of its roof, artistic curtains, carpets, elegant furniture, all tell of their royal majesty.

  • Surya Temple

    Surya Temple in the Palace compound has been built on the inspiration of Sun Temple in Konark.

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