Sanchi ( Madhya Pradesh)

Sanchi is famous for its Buddhist topes, gardens, temples and pillars which have been constructed during 300 BC to 12th century AD. Among these memorials, the most famous is Sanchi Stupa number o1, which was built by Maurya Emperor Ashoka.

Great Stupa -1: is the foremost attraction of Sanchi. On its stones, Buddha stories have been engraved in sequential order. This is India's ancient most Stupa. Its diameter is 36.5 metre and height 16.4 metre. There is a semi-circular dome on its top.

Four Pylon Gates : are the ultimate specimen of Buddha art, which were carved with unique imagination. On these, Buddha had been painted in symbolic form.

Stupa-2 : has significant stone stockades, wherein Buddha's diverse incarnations have been carved beautifully.

Stupa-3 : is crowned with a semi- circular dome on its top as an umbrella. It is mentionable due to its special religious significance.

Ashoka Pillar : situated to the south of Pylon Gate, is one of the topmost specimen of Ashokan pillars. The construction of this pillar was done in 3rd century BC, which is now lying in worn out condition. In addition to these, Buddha Vihar, Gupta Period Temples, Pakshala, Mahapatra, Sat Dhara topes etc are also viewable places.

Vidisha (10 kms) or Bes Nagar is located between Betwa and Bes rivers. In 600 BC, it was famous as a commercial city. Emperor Ashoka was the governor of this city, who had been mentioned in Meghdoot, a creation of Kalidas. Heliodorus Pillar, also locally called as Khambha Baba, is also a hallmark of the place. From architectural point of view, it has been transformed into the symbol of Vaishnav religion.

Udaigiri Caves : situated at 4 kms distance from Vidisha, had been built during 4th -5th AD by cutting rocks of sandstone hills. Engraved with highly skilled carving, the pillars and pylons appear extremely charming. In these Gupta period caves, in addition to hung sanctums, long pavilion - gate rooms, there is a gigantic idol of Lord Vishnu in resting mode and in shape of Varah incarnation exists.

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