Vaishno Devi


Where one hears 'Chalo Bulava Aya Hai, Mata Ne Bulaya Hai', one feels that one is invited by the Mother and wants to go to her. A person is so attracted by this call that one who is unable to walk few Kms can climb up the extreme height of thirteen Kms of Trikuta Mountain where Mata Vaishno Devi Shrines is located.

Katra has many worth visiting places like Shalimar park, Raghunath Temple, MahalaxmiTemple, Chintamani, Kalka, Bhumika Temple which are related to the ancient tales and myths. Around Katra there are famous places like Baba Adhar Jitto, Chamba, Deva Bhai, Devi Pindian, Baba Dhansar, Bhimgarh Fort, Salal Lake.

Ban Ganga Temple, as is believed that an arrow from Mata hit a rock and Ganga came out of it. So this place is called Ban Ganga. Just ahead of it is beautiful Ban Ganga Temple.

Charanpaduka temple is at a distance of one and a half km from Ban Ganga temple. It is said that when Bhairav was pursuing Mata Vaishno Devi, she stood on this stone for some time and her footmarks were left on it. People can have the darshan of these holy feet here till now.

Adhkwari Mata Cave: It is believed that during her battle against KalBhairav, Mata Vaishno Devi stayed in the holy cave for nine months. So it is called 'Garbhajun'. One has to enter this 15m long cave either by bending or creeping down. Half of the journey is completed here. There are some buildings where one may take rest for a night.

Hathi Matha is the place located two and a half kms away from Adhkwari which resembles the head of an elephant and travellers often take rest here. There is a road to Bhairon Temple from here but it is considered proper to visit this temple only while returning after Mata's darshan.

Sanjhi-Chhat is the final stage of climbing up which is situated at a height of 6200 ft. above the sea level. There are many places to stay and also a good arrangement for food. From here, the devotees go downward to reach Mata's court.

Mata Vaishno Devi Temple and Holy Cave are the places situated at a height of 6200ft. from the sea level. From here, one can have a view of Mataji inside the holy cave. According to the geologist, this cave is two& half crore years old.

Important: When one reachs inside the cave, one should focus one's attention on MaaBhagwati's presence in the 'Pindi' from of Mahakali, Mahalaxmi ( MahaVaishanvi) and MahaSaraswati. The holy water flowing from Mata's feet can be taken near the exit door.

BhaironTemple is named after the tantric Bhairon Nath. According to a legend Bhairon Nath was attracted towards Mata Vaishno Devi and he pursued to get her. In the end, Mata did 'tapasya' for nine months at a place called Adhkwari, then she became Mahakali. She hit him with her trident, cut his head and threw it away. This temple stands today at the place where the head fell. Pilgrims, who come for Mata's darshan, visit this temple in return trip. The pilgrimage is considered incomplete without a visit to this place.

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