Ayodhya-The Birth Place Of Ram (Uttar Pradesh)

Along the banks of the river Saryu is the city of Ayodhya where Indian mythology's greatest hero, Lord Ram took birth. Ayodhya city is also important for the followers of Buddha, Jains and Sikhs religions.There are about 5,500 temples. It is not exaggeration to call it the city of temples. Hanuman Garhi: belong to 10th century, is a castle like temple which has a golden idol of Lord Hanumanji.

  • Ramkot

    Ramkot is a main worshiping place having attractive idols of Ram and Sita. The birth place of Ram is so called because Lord Ram took birth here.

  • Kanak Bhawan Temple

    Kanak Bhawan Temple was built by the Queen of Tikamgarh. This temple is devoted to golden idols of Lord Ram and Sita along with other three brothers. The Mani Parwat at Ayodhya, Janki Mahal, Nageshwarnath, Amawa Raja temple, Shri Kaleram ji temple, Tulsi Chura, Rajghat garden, Valmiki Ramayan Bhawan, Ramkot, The Thakur of Treta, the small Devkali Temple, Ram kiPaidi, Jain temple, Gurudwaras, Museums of Ram Katha, the temple of Mattgayangji, The place of Dashrath, Kaikai Bhawan, Rajgaddi, Lav-Kush Temple, Shri Ram Janki Birla Temple and in the series of Kundas Agnikunda, Sita Kund, Brahma Kunda, Vashishtha Kund, Suraj Kund, Vibhishan Kund, Dantdhawan Kund, Vidhya Kund etc. are also worth visiting. Famous for Ghatas, the river Sarayu has atleast 365 Ghats which have their own historical and cultural importance.Out of them, Ram Ghat, Laxman Ghat, Swarg Dwar Ghat, Janki Ghat, Rajghat, Naya ghat, Brahmakund Ghat, Gupta Ghat and Gola Ghat are important Ghats, where people think themselves lucky to have a dip.

    From the point of view of fairs, Ayodhya is most famous. The important fairs are the fair of Shrawan Jhula(July-Aug), the fair of parikrama (October-November), the fair of Ramnavmi (March-April) RathaYatra (June-July), SaryuSnan (October-November), Ramvivaha (November) and Ramayan Fair (December-January). A number of Hindu pilgrims from all over the country gatherhere to participate in these fairs. Faizabad: The first capital of Nawab, is famous for the magnificent tomb built by Nawab Suza-Ud-Daulla, Gulab Bari which is full of colorful roses, Bagichas (Orchards), the temples including Ram-SitaRadha-krishna, Goddess Durga, Laxmi-Narayan and Shiv-Pariwar etc. 300 years old temple of Ram-Sita at Gupta Ghat, PanchmukhiUddiyan etc.

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