Lucknow-The City Of Nawabs (Uttar Pradesh)

The capital of Utter Pradesh, Lucknow has an unique attraction for its delicacy of speech and style of living. The city was founded by fourth Nawab of Awadh, Asaf-ud-Daula.Nawab WAZID-ali-Shah was the last ruler Nawab .Settled along both the sides of Gomti, the city is a unique amalgamation of Hindu and Muslim art and culture, which can be realized by self- witnessing.

  • Bada Imambara or ASFI Imambara

    Bada Imambara or ASFI Imambara was built by Asaf-Ud-Daula in the year 1784. The central hall with arched roof is presumed as the biggest half of the world. It is worth mentioned that no where except its galleries, wood is used.

  • Chhota Imambara or Hussainabad Imambara

    Chhota Imambara or Hussainabad Imambara : is having the tombs of Mohammad Ali Shah and his mother Hussainbad built in the period of 1837-42, it is approachable through a beautiful garden. This IMAMBARA with a number of pinnacles, towers, chandeliers, colored glass art work; crowns and well decorated tazias in the shape of the pillars of Karbala glorify its internal charm. Residency witnessed a pitched battle between the British soldiers and the freedom fighters. Floodlights have been arranged so that the tourists may enjoy its beautiful viewing in the nights.

  • Rumi (Turki) Darwaza

    Rumi (Turki) Darwaza Darwaza was built in 1784 by NawabAsaf-ud-Daulla. No wood or iron has been used in this 60 feet high gate. The tourists can watch the beautiful artisanship. Clock Tower, 221 feet high, was erected in the year 1887 with a cost of Rs.1lakh 20 thousand. There is no such clock tower in the nation with so much height. The attraction lies in its architecture along with four sided clocks.

  • Deva Sharif

    Deva Sharif being place of the great Sufi Saint Haji Varis Ali Shah, a famous pilgrim place. The pilgrims from all over the places come over here to lean down their heads. Nearby situated the temple of Mahadev and the holy tree Paarijat are also worth attraction.

  • Naimisharanya

    Naimisharanya is one of the most sacred places mentioned at a number of places in Mahabharata and Ramayana and also quoted by Prajapati Brahma as the only holy place of meditation for the saints during Kaliyug. The worth visiting pilgrimages are Chakra Tirth, Lalita Devi Temple and VyasPeeth. 10 km away from here is Mishirikh , the place where Maharishi Dadhichi donated his bones to Indra for making Vajra in order to conquer demons.

  • Shrawasti

    Shrawasti is a holy place for the followers of Buddhism. Gautam Buddha applied his miracles to defeat the evil Tirthika, which include making a number of forms of his own. Shrawasti became the main centre of Buddhism even in the lifetime of Gautam Buddha, as he spent many rainy seasons (Chaturmas) and delivered important sermons. The places worth attraction include Saheth, Maheth, the temple of Shobhanath and world peace Bell and the temple of Paatan Devi at Balrampur, which is 28km away from here.

    The other places of tourist attractions are- the Tombs of Saadat Ali, La-Martiniere, Jama Masjid, National Botanical Research institute, Picture Gallery, LaxmnTila, Gautam Buddha Temple, Hathi park, Nimbu park, MotiMahal, DilkushaBagh, the Kothi (Bungalow) of Rpshan-ud-Daulla, Mahaveer Temple, KesarBagh, SikandarBagh, Shah Imambara, LalBaradari, Martyrs' Memoriaal, Dr. BhimRao Ambedkar Memorial, Hanuman Temple of Aliganj, Buddha Temple, Indira Gandhi Planetarium and Vidhan Sabha Bhawan.

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