Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh in the northern India is a state with the highest population. The capital city is Lucknow. The main language spoken here is Hindi. It is one of the great historical and religious centres of India. The river Ganges, the most revered river for the Hindus and backbone of Uttar Pradesh, is dotted with important pilgrimages. Two thousand years ago, the state was part of Emperor Ashoka's great empire. During medieval period, it was ruled by Mughals. Agra, renowned for Taj Mahal, was for a shorter span the capital of Mughal kingdom. It was in Uttar Pradesh where the first war of Indian Independence broke out in 1857 AD.

With the largest population among Indian states, Uttar Pradesh is politically, geographically, culturally and ethnically very important to India. In fact, quite often, Indian political system is swayed and decided by the ethos and pathos of the people of Uttar Pradesh.

Most of the state consists of the vast Ganges plain, which is prone to destructive floods in monsoon. The main crops grown here are paddy, wheat, barley, bajra, cotton, oilseeds, groundnut, sugarcane etc. This state is famous for its carpets, handicrafts, Banarsi sarees, glass and brass wares, leather and marble products.

Uttar Pradesh, the land of Ganga and Yamuna, the land of holy pilgrimages, the land of fairs and festivals, creates curiosity among the foreign tourists who travel India and attracts lacs of Hindu pilgrims. India Travel will be incomplete without visiting Ghats of Varanasi, confluence of Ganges and Yamuna in Allahabad and star attraction of India- the TajMahal- which is considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

JAUNPUR was founded in the 14th century by Feroz Shah Tughlaq to perpetuate the memory of his cousin Sultan Mohammad, popularly known by the name of Jauna. The places worth visiting are Atala Masjid, Lal Darwaja, Jama Masjid, Shahi Bridge and Shitala Choukiya Dham. VINDHYACHAL, dedicated to goddess Vindhyavasini, is situated at the banks of the Ganges or river Ganga, is one of the fifty one most revered Shaktipeeths. It is also called Kajala Devi, the name presumably derived from the famous folk song "kajali" of this region. It is said that after killing the demon Mahishasur, the Goddess settled down at Vindhyachal and therefore called Vindhyavasini. Vindhyachal is also famous as a health resort.

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